An Ode To The Odious

The women of Gaza weep;
O’er babies mutilated by bombs.
Sent special delivery,
From the chosen children of God.

A Missouri woman weeps,
The bullet riddled body of her son.
Lies uncovered on the street for hours.
While the Police cover up (AKA: “Report”) is done.

A War Criminal smiles in the comforts,
Of his mansion down in Texas.
Knowing damn well he will never be accountable;
Regardless of what the facts is.

Some people on paid vacation,
Other people demonstrate.
The wheels of injustice succeed,
There will be no court date.

Christmas bells are ringing,
Lip service to God one can hear.
The suffering of foreigners and black folk,
Will not hinder our Holiday Cheer.

Self righteous hypocrites on Sunday,
Sing, pray, and listen to a sermon.
Indifferent to the suffering of the afflicted,
Then justify scum and vermin.

The stench of social injustice.
The indifference of hypocrites.
The filth of society’s sins,
Smell of sewage and piles of

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