Introducing An Alternative Blog: A Skeptic’s Bible Studies

After giving this matter some thought, I have decided to create a topic specific blog as an alternative to my site. Now, by no means will I abandon my Humanists Perspective site, for such is and will remain a viable outlet for my thoughts and writings. However; as those of you who have read my Humanists Perspective site may have noticed, I have a keen interest in the Bible, and write on such from time to time. As I think on it, I tend to write on the Bible from two perspectives, only one of which really relates to the concerns of humanism.

On the one hand, I am proned to write on my concerns regarding the Religious Right. I am a firm proponent of the separation of Church and State, and the contemporary social climate of Right Wing Religious sorts only affirms my concern with regards to such. That said, I oftentimes address the Right Wing extremism which has plagued our society by critiquing the Bible itself, for the simple reason that so often times archaic Hebrew principles are incorporated into the thinking of our society through the influence of Fundamentalist Christians. There is too much bigotry and sexism whose root is founded upon religious ideology that frankly should have gone by the wayside aeons ago. Thus, I believe that Bible discussions in that context and toward the end of contesting the Religious Right, are discussions which are most definitely suited for my Humanists Perspective site, and thus I shall continue in that regard.

I also have an interest in good old fashioned Biblical exegesis; although my perspective is anything but old fashioned. Having been raised on the Bible, I suppose I am just too taken with the book that I once took literally, and simply must continue to study the Hebrew scriptures now that I am able to view such from a completely different perspective than I did in years gone by. For whereas I once considered the Bible to be literal and historical, I now view such to be a national myth and mostly allegorical. And in this regard, I am simply fascinated by both the Hebrew Bible (aka: Old Testament), and the Judeo and Hellenic writings known as the New Testament.

And so I now view the heroes of the Old Testament to be representative of specific facets of the making of a Nation, and the New Testament to be representative of a mystical replacement for national aspiration long lost in view of promises for a messianic delivery forever forgotten. My perspective then is that The Old Testament is a myth of the hopes of a great nation in the making, and the New Testament became a mystical substitute for a nation of people who were both defeated and dispersed to a life of insignificance and non-identity.

It is from these perspectives then that I will share some of my studies, and record my reflections in this; a skeptic’s bible studies.

So if you are so inclined, please do suscribe to:

Either way, thank you for reading.

Dave Henderson
Denison, Texas

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