The Religious Restoration Fraud

The Right wing zealots of this generation of Christianity are no longer satisfied to merely practice their religion uninhibited in the home and in the churches, now they want to impose their religious views on others in the context of a business and at work.

The very concept of “restoring religious freedoms” is a misnomer and a misrepresentation of reality by hypersensitive zealots who pride themselves with self absorbed persecution complexes. That said, to my knowledge Christians of my generation (I am 54 years of age) have never experienced anything except religious freedom. I was raised in the church, and I raised my children likewise. Not even once, in over forty years of going to church do I recall our services ever being interrupted by a state representative who was “checking up on us”, nor do I ever recall the doors of the church building being closed by the state for any reason whatsoever. I lived the life of religious freedom, and so does every Christian of every divergent doctrine so associated.

Claims to the contrary are asserted by those who represent a new “chip on the shoulder”, persecution complex mentality of the 21st CE self righteous zealots
who quite frankly discredit the decent Christians who mind their own business and just want to worship their God peacefully and quietly. The latter are “the remnant” of the truly righteous Christians, in that they simply wish to do as Christians of my generation have always been free to do: Merely worship God without fear of persecution, and insofar as they possibly can, to just live peaceably with all humanity. For those who are satisfied to practice their Christian faith thusly, these have never been hindered from doing so in any shape, form, or fashion for as long as I personally have been aware.

These “Religious Restoration” laws are by no means designed to address the protection of the rights of good and decent Christians, for the rights of good and decent Christians have always been protected by this society. The legally and socially protected right to worship one’s god privately and without fear of hindrance from the state or any other individuals whatsoever is a right that by no means needs to be restored, for by no means has such been denied or discontinued.

These “Religious Restoration” laws are rather bigotry and racism restoration laws, which are designed to empower private business owners and citizens to circumvent the Civil Rights laws of the 1960’s by asserting their religious rights to authorize public bigotry and racism. The right to discriminate is by no means what religious freedom is about. On the other hand, the restriction of discrimination is precisely what Civil Rights laws are about.

So recognize these “Religious Restoration” laws for what they are and for what they are not:

Religious Restoration laws do not restore religious freedom, for religious freedom (especially for Christians) has by no means been denied or discontinued.

Religious Restoration laws are on the other hand, designed to enable and empower discrimination, which has nothing to do with the freedom of religion.

Such as they are, these are my thoughts on “Religious Restoration” laws.

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