The Confessions of an 11th Hour Hippie

(Note: I posted this on a Facebook Group earlier. After reading it again, I thought to myself: “What the hell!! This is going on my Blog as well!!)

Confessions of an 11h Hour Hippie:

I really dig hearing all you long time, hard core Hippies testify. Reminds me of the best of times of my youth (70’s), then my years of wandering in the Wilderness of Conservative Crapology (the 80’s), and my redemption to reason and sanity by simply reminding myself what it means to be human (Bush whacked back into the reality of the real world):

I am a half generation removed from the true Hippie era. Born in ’61; my generation enjoyed the 70s because of the dirty work of you folks who are a decade older than myself. You guys got your butts kicked, were tear gassed, and got drug off to jail by the Fascist Security Patrol (the Cops), while a decade later my generation did Disco and Star Wars. We had it good: Because of you guys.

In the 70’s the Military was distrusted, the Cops were distrusted, and Politicians were distrusted, because YOUR GENERATION had the intestinal fortitude and the integrity to stand up and say “Hell no” to War and Fascism instead of just enjoying the benefits of your forefathers who worked their butts off working for “the man” to give you good homes, but who in the process were mere cogs in the machine of social injustice trying to do their best by their families.

While you; the children of the 60’s had the guts to “drop out”, we the children of the 70s were damn lucky enough to have some fun and just chill.

Then came the 80’s; when so many of us got too close to the Reagan exhaust fumes and allowed a Grade B Actor who became a Grade D President, to convince us that if we would just give the wealthy a massive pay raise, then the returns would just “trickle down” on us like manna from heaven. We just had to trust the system, keep our mouths shut, work hard, go to church, and vote Republican. I did all that crap, and in the process we “Young Republicans” allowed that war monger and insensitive creep Reagan to conduct his illegal wars and slash social programs for those who were truly in need of help, and all while we applauded him and stood for the pledge and got caught up in that whole patriotic American propaganda of the 1980’s; all the while forgetting that what our society was becoming is what you; the children of the 60’s had WARNED US we would become if we sold our souls for profit and patriotism.

Then came the 90’s, and the initial effects of Trickle Down economics. The rich got rich, and the poor suffered more than ever. The rich were now enabled to buy the political system to the point that they were able to get Trade Agreements that screwed Labor, and Economic policies that allowed rich people to use that extra money from Reaganomics to play lottery games with other people’s money. Then, by the time Bush came to office all we lacked to complete the sinister bidding of the super wealthy was a war to plunder other societies and enrich the Military Industrial Complex; which of course King George II was all too glad to make happen in the 2000’s.

By this time, I was seeing how the poor were suffering more than ever, that workers were being exploited more than ever, and so by the time I found out we were torturing people, AND heard my fellow church going friends actually DEBATE whether such was wrong, that was when I had my social “come to the hippies” meeting.

That is when I realized that Fascism is as real and always was as real as the hippies and rebels of the ’60s had said that it was, and that is when I realized how badly our society needs more Abbie Hoffman and more Port Huron Statement ideology; and less Rush Limbaugh, less Faux News, and less plutocracy for the privileged.

And so it goes….

Anyway: Thank you to all you lifetime Hippies. I hope my kids and my grand kids generation can relight the fire and rekindle compassion and revive environmental awareness before it is too late for our kind.

If only we would have listened to your generation 50 years ago….


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