Content and Discreet

Content to be a wage slave,
I sing praises to the USA.
Better to be like everyone else,
Than to seek a better way.

Content to pledge allegiance,
To the flag of imperial rule.
If not brain washed at home,
What better place than in school?

Content to defend the rights,
Of plutocrats to exploit the rest.
Better that the poor stay hungry,
Than that there be social unrest.

Content that the few have the most,
And that the many provide for the elite.
Best to lower your eyes and submit,
And to be quiet and discreet.

Just who was Herbert Marcuse,
To critique one dimensional man?
Better to let as is be,
Than to think out a more humane plan.

Content to be a wage slave,
I sing praises to the USA.
Better to conform and comply,
Than to seek a more humane way.

Dave Henderson
Denison, Texas

2 thoughts on “Content and Discreet

    • Herbert Marcuse is one of my all time favorite thinkers. One of the most unique and creative thinkers, in particularly his critique of “One Dimensional” thinking: The accepting without questioning, the complicance without thinking through the principles and problems inherent to the traditional views of society.

      I truly believe that if individuals put Marcuse thinking into place, that we would not blindly support wage slavery (exploitation of human services) and we most assuredly would not go marching off to war just because the powers that be say so.

      My reference to Marcuse was purposeful. I was banking on the possibility that many of my readers would not understand my reference to Marcuse and his critique of “One Dimensional Man”. I am hopeful that a few who wonder about the reference might research him, and maybe even secure and read “One Dimensional Man”.

      As I have not reviewed your site yet, I have no clue whether these words alienate us and whether you are a free thinker yourself.

      That said, EITHER WAY: Thank you for your read, and thank you for your question!

      Have a great day Bad Wolf.

      Dave Henderson
      Denison, Texas

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