America, On Any Given Day

Preacherman say,
There’s a god up in heaven.
Loved you enough to make hell,
Eat your bread with no leaven.

Gambler say,
Seven come eleven.
Mathematician say,
Six before seven.

Policeman say,
Time to walk the beat.
Another unarmed black man,
Lies dead in the street.

Businessman say,
Accept pennies for your work.
Wipes his forehead with a money roll,
That dude’s a real jerk.

Two men wanna make love,
Politician get angry and vent.
Oil man say time for war,
Politician say “Where you want the troops sent?”

An oldie but goodie:
“Livin’ In The USA”
Scenes from America;
On Any Given Day.

Dave Henderson
Denison, Texas


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