Everything Is Relative

Christianity and Islam are each Monotheistic religions based upon antiquated Hebrew myths. They each worship one God. They each preach heaven and hell. They each cherish their own holy book. Each of their holy books teach peace and love. Each of their books teach violence and murder. Christianity and Islam are each represented mainly by good and decent people who want to lead good lives and go to heaven. Yet both Christianity and Islam have extremist terrorist groups which maim, torture and murder those who do not believe as they, and who kidnap children and convert them to their cause. In my mind, the Christian terrorists in Africa are no more representative of the good and decent Christian; then the Islamist terrorists in the Middle East are representative of the good and decent Muslim. I believe that when the Muslim and the Christian each take the finer and more refined passages of their holy books as their guide for daily living, then neither are a threat to anyone, and each represents themselves and their respective religions with honor and dignity.

That said: Everything is relative.

1 thought on “Everything Is Relative

  1. This might be true … if said scriptures were a guide for daily living. They are not. When Jesus was asked to summarize his teaching he said 1. love God and 2. love your neighbor as yourself. Both are Old Testament, both refer only to Hebrews (non-Hebrew “neighbors” were slaughtered willy-nilly). Today, your neighbor may be a Hindu or a Wiccan. They are not to be loved. This is not a guide to daily living, unless you go back to the 600+ requirements in the Torah, many of which are nonsensical (no garments of mixed fibers) and in which there are many holes (no demons are not the root causes of diseases).

    The root problem for both the peaceful and violent adherents of these books is that if you are willing to believe nonsense, then you will believe anything. Adherents, then, are a drag on society (climate change denial, etc.) as well as a potential force for meaningless war.

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