Alone And On Our Own

One of the most basic realities that leads me to maintain my secularist views is the sad reality that we exist in a universe which is simply indifferent to effect and outcome. The universe simply does not care.

It took me a long time to recognize that sad reality. Back in my days as a Christian, whenever I encountered people who were suffering, and questioning God in the process; I would fall all over myself attempting to apologize for God, and attempting to convince the naturally afflicted not to blame God, nor to lose faith, but to see that there is a purpose for everything which happens in life; ours is not to question god, ours is not to reason “why?”; or any other number of my “Christian cop outs” in order to shield god from responsibility for natural atrocities.

But at some point reality set in for me: We are alone.

We have been thrust into a state of existence without our consent. Our existence is random. Our setting is random. And our daily angst is the reality of our own frailty, and that we are constantly “sitting ducks” for some unexpected yet natural disaster to strike. Be it a tornado or a deadly disease; or be it a falling tree in our direction. Natural disasters and natural atrocities happen all the time.

In addition; this earth operates by a cruel feeding chain. Humanity eats the meat of a being, which ate the carcase of another, which may very well have fed off the the carcase of another being while that being was still alive The spider sets a web, and feeds off living creatures. Is the spider cruel? No, but the natural system by which the spider survives surely is.

Now, were there a mind behind this feeding chain, were there a personality which designed such a process, then such a mind would be cruel and insensitive. Were there a mind behind a process which thrusts beings into an involuntary state of existence, only for that person to suffer as we of humanity so oftentimes suffer, and then if that great mind dared to judge us and condemn us to some eternal torture chamber because we failed to live up to “his standards”, then such a mind would be a cruel and insensitive tyrant. But the reality is that there is no such mind to blame for the suffering and cruelties of the system of survival on this earth. There is simply an impersonal universe which does not care because it CANNOT care.

The simple fact of the matter is that ours is a universe which is indifferent to effect and outcome.

Which is why we of humanity should care. We have evolved the capacity to care. We cannot control the universe, but we can care. That may be the best thing any of us ever accomplish in this brief and relatively meaningless existence:

To simply care

4 thoughts on “Alone And On Our Own

  1. Brother, you feel that it is sad that “The universe simply does not care.” Possibly that “sadness” came from your false belief that there is someone immensely powerful out there who cared for you and would protect you. But, sad? No. The universe’s indifference really means that we all have a level playing field. The universe does not play favorites. Think about what it meant to have God’s backing in the Old Testament. The Hebrews got pretty beat up but it was because of their refusal to “accept the yoke,” i.e. their stubbornness in accepting Yahweh and only Yahweh as their god. But look what happens to the enemies of the Hebrews, basically everybody else on the planet. They get crushed.

    Do you really want the “universe” to play favorites?

    • Steve, I didn’t read this posting as you did. What I got out of it is this: FACT: the universe doesn’t care. But as humans, we have evolved that capacity. Thus, it is up to US to care … for one another, for the earth, for other living creatures.

  2. “We have to shift our attitude of ownership of Nature to relationship with Nature. The moment you change from ownership to relationship, you create a sense of the sacred.” ~ Satish Kumar

    I came across this quote while surfing the net and it pretty much sums up what our problem is. We have been taught by the holy books and even the secular teachers, that because we are at the head of the food chain, all the other living organisms in the world are there for our indiscriminate use. So we kill the elephants at will because their tusks look good on our mantelpiece; we overfish the oceans and pollute our environment indiscriminately. We show no respect for nature which is what sustains all life on this planet, pretty soon nature will replace us as the dominant species unless we change these destructive ways.

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