On Corporate Money in the Democrat Party

With all the excitement over the recent selection of Tom Perez as the next DNC Chair, the most significant decision as to the direction of the Democrat Party came in the way of the decision to continue the legacy of recently deposed DNC Chair by continuing to receive Corporate money into the DNC itself. Quoting the Huffington Post, Andrea Germanos staff writer for Common Cause, reports:

Democratic National Committee members on Saturday voted down a resolution that would have reinstated former President Barack Obama’s ban on corporate political action committee donations to the party.

Resolution 33, introduced by DNC Vice Chair Christine Pelosi, would also have forbidden “registered, federal corporate lobbyists” from serving as “DNC chair-appointed, at-large members.”

A majority of the 442 eligible DNC members rejected the resolution after roughly a dozen members rose to speak for and against it.”

This decision is quite frankly more disturbing to me than the selection of Corporate friendly Tom Perez over Keith Ellison as the new DNC Chair.

If the Democratic Party is to ever become the Party that represents the Demos instead of the Donors then we are going to have to get rid of Corporate money. Period.

The decision by the DNC to fail to reinstate President Obama’s ban on Corporate bribery (my description) reveals that there are still many at the highest levels of the Democratic Party who still prioritize Corporate money over democratic principles.

Those who voted against Obama’s idea of a ban on Corporate money in the DNC furthermore continue to take lightly just how disenfranchised the Progressive base (roughly half the Party!) among the Democratic Party feel after the shady dealings of the DNC during the Primary of 2016.

President Obama’s ban on Corporate money was instated in 2008 as an effort to cleanse the Democratic Party of Corporate influence, only to be overturned by then DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz just in time for the 2016 Primaries, which as it turned out she affected by favoring one Candidate over another, eventually resulting in her ouster.

The bottom line is that President Obama’s efforts to cleanse the Democrat Party from Corporate influence is unfortunately now history due to:

The Democratic Party! (At the highest levels)

If the new DNC Chair Tom Perez actually wants to unite the Democrat Party (lip service for the moment, but I am more than willing to give our new DNC the opportunity to walk the walk of his own talk); then he needs to use his influence to return the Democrat Party to the principles of President Obama in 2008 instead of continuing the legacy of former DNC Chair Debbie Wassserman Schultz. The future of the Democratic Party as a potential party of the Demos instead of its continued decline into being yet another Party of the Donors is the principle at stake.

This is a “choose ye this day whom ye shall serve” moment for the Democrat Party, and of all Democrats who must make that decision, none is more significant than our new DNC Chair, Mr. Tom Perez.

As for me and my house, we will serve with the wing of the Democrat Party that refuses to accept Corporate money:



2 thoughts on “On Corporate Money in the Democrat Party

  1. They did choose ‘whom they serve’ with the election of Tom Perez as Chair. He is pro corporate, pro bank, and the neoliberal choice of the Clinton/Obama/Biden machine. He is the man who personally defeated Bernie Sanders by convincing the Clinton campaign to use identity politics to brand Bernie as the candidate of angry white voters. Will take a lot to convince me there is anything to salvage in the Democratic Party.

    • I wish I could disagree with you Zach, but I just can’t.

      I am glad that you reminded me about the fact that Perez was the one who came up with the idea of labeling Sanders as a racist. I had forgotten that, and that is going to become one of my talking points as I discuss the direction of the Democrat Party from this day forward.

      Your point is valid, and well made.

      Right now, I am in an awkward position. After several years of voting Green Party, I have bought into the concept of trying to take over the Democrat Party from within through the Justice Democrats movement.

      For years I have told my “Dem Green Haters” friends that if the Democrat Party would make it a part of their platform that their Candidates could not accept Corporate and Billionaire contributions, that I would consider voting Dem. Now, because of the Justice Democrat Platform, I have that opportunity.

      Their plan is to run Justice Democrat Candidates against Corporate Dems in 2018, and so forth and so on until the Corporate Dems are gone, and the Democrat Party has been transformed into the Party of the Demos, instead of the Party of the Donors.

      Will it work?

      I don’t know.

      But after years of trying to effect change by supporting the Green Party (I love their Platform) with very little results, I am willing to try this Justice Democrat angle.

      I do know this:

      If we Progressives are ever gonna overcome the Republicans and the Corporate Dems, we are gonna have to unite our efforts under one banner. As to which banner that is, I could care less. But we got to work together somehow.

      If the Democratic Socialists, the Greens, the LGBTQ crowd, the Black Lives Matter folks, and all other concerned citizens ever unite, we will transform this country into a humane society that provides healthcare and a decent living for all, and which will protect the environment before such becomes our own undoing.

      Again, I love your comment, and appreciate both your read and your response.

      Also, as I perceive that we share common values, feel free to look me up on Facebook (Davey Lee Dave Henderson) or Twitter (@ahumanistsview)

      Peace man,

      Dave Henderson

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