On Libertarian Socialism and Social Transformation

As a libertarian socialist, I aspire to a society rooted in the fundamentals of freedom, liberty, and the common good. State controlled so called socialism fails towards that end, as does neoliberal corporatism. In other words, state control and private industry each fail the standard of freedom and liberty as basic human rights, as well as the end purpose of a humane society; namely a collective effort to supply for the common good.

The means to accomplish such ends would entail either the transformation of the agents of authority into administrative entities towards the general welfare, or the elimination of any given agency of authority which cannot justify itself as a feasible means of supply towards the common good. The decentralization of all authority and the democratization of all entities within any given culture seem necessary expedients in order to achieve the ends of libertarian socialism.

As the political process can either obstruct or aid in this process, then the transformation of such towards the end of freedom, liberty, and the common good is a given. Thus, in a corporate driven government such as the neoliberal ideological based two party system of the US, either an extreme revision of or an outright replacement of the operative components so orchestrated is a logical necessity.

Or so it seems to me.