On The Communal Society and Human Decency

The principles of social communism are rooted in the nobler aspects of human nature. Caring and sharing towards the common good are derived from the sympathy and compassion which are representative of good and decent people. Cooperative efforts for the common good are the bedrock of social communism; and are likewise humanity functioning at our finest.

Conversely the principles of capitalism are rooted in the baser qualities of human nature. Ambitious greed and the accumulation of wealth in a world of want and poverty are representative of apathy and insensitivity for the plight and circumstances of one’s fellow human being. The exploitation of human labor and the concentration of wealth while humanity suffers are fundamental to capitalism; and furthermore manifest humanity functioning at our most shameful.

Cooperative efforts for the common good is a society.

Predatory exploitation of the many on behalf of an elite is dysfunction and dystopia.

On A Voluntary Socialism

It is evident that industrialized capitalism is the refined art of human exploitation. The economic system that allows and enables the exploitation of human labor for personal gain is founded upon the concept of private property as a means to amoral ends.

The concept of private property must be abandoned in favor of communal efforts for the common good.

Unfortunately as those who control industrial interests likewise own the political spectrum, the military machine, and the public propaganda medium of the mainstream media; there is little hope for humanity at this point.

In fact the only peaceful means to convert from a capitalist world to communal efforts for the common good would entail global education as to such principles; in hopes of solidarity based upon sensible thinking and voluntary socialism.

That said; although I personally have little hope for humanity to survive the climate crisis and world wars that capitalism has produced; it would seem that the preservation of a sound Public School system, the strategic utility of social media, and local teach-ins as to the merits of basic communal principles are our only hope if at all.