On COVID-19 And Capitalism

The era of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has laid bare the sobering reality that Western culture fails to function as a society, yet remains steadfastly resilient in terms of protecting and maintaining private profit and the effectual extortion of the surplus produced by means of systemic exploitation and predatory domination. In the US the government generously provides welfare for the wealthy ruling class, even as the desperate victims of class domination take to the streets demanding the right to be further exploited so as to be able to pay next month’s rent or last year’s medical bills. Wall Street vultures who preach the merits of austerity and the sinful nature of socialism mooch off government welfare even as the investment class leisurely accumulates the means for lavish lifestyles by exploiting the efforts of the working class and extorting the surplus which is generated by the efforts of those who actually work in order to survive. As masked and ever sanitizing men and women of America are encouraged to engage in a political process that offers an illusion of personal involvement in the system of their own oppression, the leaders of the “Make America Great Again” and “Vote Blue No Matter Who” propaganda machines cooperate to fund war and provide government welfare for their own class, and then golf at personal resorts and feast on ice cream from their own overpriced but well stocked personal refrigerators in their leisure time. People are suffering and dying while private healthcare profiteers bribe politicians to ensure their right to prey upon the misery of the ill, but this is simply life in the Western culture during a pandemic. The fact that people are dying at an alarming rate during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is of course no concern for US oligarchs who merely bribe politicians to provide government welfare for the wealthy, and to secure and maintain the right of the wealthy ruling class to continue to exploit labor and extort the surplus which is generated by the daily efforts of the working class.

In Western society, people die, but Capitalism ever abides.

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