Never, Not Once

As those of you who regularly read A Humanists Perspective may have observed, I rarely share other writer’s material, as I prefer to publish my own personally written material. In this case, I am pleased to break tradition, and post the following pensive Poem with the permission of the author herself, a young lady who I have been honored to know personally since the day she was born. Which ironically was 30 years ago today.

This post is dedicated to the memory of Ahmaud Arbery, who was recently murdered for the crime of being black in America. As written by a Mother of two, on this her 30th birthday:

Especially today, on my birthday… because he was not able to celebrate his.


Never, not once have I feared being profiled or followed down the street like a criminal on my runs…

Never, not once have I felt scared for my life as I stared down the barrel of your guns.

Never, not once have I left my house in fear. Fear of not returning to my family…

Never, not once have I quickened my step or picked up my pace to get home with a sense of urgency.

Never, not once have I sat afraid, trembling, scared…scared of the sirens, coming closer, beginning to be blared….

Never, not once have tears begun to swell or flow from my eyes… wondering if my color has brought me to the day of my demise.

Never, not once will I sit silently by as my friends and family live wondering if they should stay back… knowing that their only “crime” is that they… were born black.


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