I Can’t Breathe

(This is a guest Poem by a Social Activist, Mother, and Poet. She calls this “I Can’t Breathe”)

“I can’t breathe”

You looked mighty comfortable, kneeling there on his neck. Not giving a second thought to his breathing. Not even caring to check.

As he begged and pleaded, you showed no empathy, no remorse… You were set on taking this action. Set on following this course.

As his nose began to bleed, to spill out onto the street…You didn’t move, you didn’t budge…you weren’t even discreet.

As he lay there limp, no motion, no movement in sight… You gave no care, gave no regard, his body no longer able to fight.

To say his life mattered to you, couldn’t be more of a lie… Because if it did… if it mattered… you wouldn’t have sentenced him to die.


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