The most obvious challenge to our climate are pollutants expelled into the atmosphere due directly to the habits and actions of the human species.

Humanity is the problem.

The natural way of all things is to gravitate to a harmonic balance. The natural greenhouse effect which maintains our earth’s temperature at a moderate level is no exception.  I emphasize the NATURAL greenhouse effect.

Yet an important part of that effect is trees.  Trees which are uprooted on a daily basis to suit the interests of those whose financial interests deem the trees a hindrance to their plans for profit.

A hindrance to the NATURAL greenhouse effect is the HUMAN INDUCED greenhouse effect which has seen a steady rise in the earth’s temperature over the past 100 years, with no balance to that effect in sight.

Humanity is the problem.

Such being the case, one is hard pressed to understand why there is even any debate over whether there is a need to address the problem.

Were the debate over Climate Change mainly that of which methods should be employed to reverse the effect of cars, deforestation, manufacturing plants, and overpopulation; then the debate would be a healthy discussion with expecation of an eventual solution.

As it is, the debate most often exercised is whether there is even a problem, and as to whether human influence is the problem.

As to whether there is a problem, I defer to minds greater than mine and whose area of expertise is such a study and analysis.  Most scientists agree that climate change is a legitimate problem with no viable solution in sight.  Granted, those whose interests depend upon the practices which have lent to this issue often produce “their experts” who deny the findings of the science community at large, yet those deniers are the exception among experts on the subject, and by no means represent the rule.

Humanity being the problem, then the solution must come from humanity.  Humanity created this problem, humanity must solve it.

How sad and unfortunate that the major challenge to the solution is the source of the issue:

Humanity is the problem.

It seems to me that the West should lead the way in solving the issue, as we are more responsible for the human induced greenhouse gases which are problematic to the climate than the rest of the world combined.

How sad, unfortunate, and hypocritical that those who lead the way in creating the issues which hinder the climate, likewise lead the way in obstructing any viable solution.

Humanity is the problem.

Biased interests among the leading polluters of the West are a key challenge to any viable solution of Climate Change.

Frankly, folk whose interests are profit driven would have to prioritize based upon the common good rather than based upon their own personal interests in order to admit there is a problem and work towards a solution.  Greed is the problem, and Corporate profiteers are the culprits.

Humanity is the problem.

Biblical dogma among the people of the West is a key challenge to any viable solution of Climate Change.

Frankly, fundamentalist Christians who regard the Bible as the inerrant word of an omniscient and omnipotent deity take it as a personal affront that anyone would dare suggest that humanity could create a problem that their God cannot handle.  Spiritual pride is the problem, and fundamentalist Christians are the culprits.

Humanity is the problem.

In conclusion, if ever there is an answer to our own harmful habits, then there must be a serious change of thinking amongst those who are creating this problem.

The time of profiteering at the expense of humanity, mother earth, and the atmosphere must end.  Common sense must prevail over personal profit.

The time of denial of reality due to faith in myths must end.  Common sense must prevail over religious dogma.

Humanity is the problem.  Humanity must solve the problem.

Davey Lee



4 thoughts on “Environment

  1. Thank you Seeker! I just signed up for the David Suzuki newsletter. I may be mistaken, but I believe that David Suzuki’s daughter was the 12 year old girl who delivered one of the most moving and informative of all Climate Control speeches back in early 1990s

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