Homophobia is a personal problem.

The fear of or the antipathy towards any individual based upon their sexuality is an ignorant and outdated mode of thought. There is simply no natural reason for homophobia. There is certainly no justification for outward antipathy towards anyone for being different than the accepted norm. Finally, any double standard or discriminatory laws restricting basic human rights have no place in a civilized society. A person’s sexuality is natural to their humanity, thus any civilized society should legally recognize and insure all rights relative to such. Equal rights is all any rational person expects; and equal treatment is what any reasonable society should insure.

Same gender relationships are at least as ancient as is the recorded history of romantic relationships. There is no reason to doubt that as long ago as there were feelings of love, there were those who experienced romantic feelings towards those of the same gender. Unfortunately, history would indicate there has been an enduring line of homophobic reactionaries who have been unwilling to accept that different is neither wrong nor unnatural. Homophobic ideology is of course reactionary and oftentimes culturally conditioned, and so the struggles of the Gay community to be accepted into the mainstream of certain societies has definitely been an uphill battle; our particular society being a prime example.

I cannot overstate my opinion though, that the one with the problem is the individual who is homophobic, rather than the homosexual individual. The former is a victim of social conditioning, the latter is merely experiencing and acting upon natural feelings. The social conditioning of the former is a circumstantial experience which can be adapted and even altered subject to maturity and social enlightenment; whereas the sexuality of the latter is a natural experience, and thus not subject to change.

Frankly, it is no more reasonable to ask the homosexual individual to change their sexuality, than it would be for the homosexual to expect the same of the heterosexual. A person’s sexuality is a natural condition which is as inherent to their existence as is their very personal being. Thus, to condemn a person for their sexuality is to condemn them for simply being who they are. It furthermore follows then that to ask a person to change their natural sexuality, is likewise to ask them to literally change who they are.

It is then both irrational and highly insensitive to ask anyone to not be themselves.

There is no shame whatsoever in being who we are. But it is shameless to expect any less or more of anyone than to merely be themselves.

This world is a better place when everyone accepts everyone for who they are.

Dave Henderson
Denison, Texas


4 thoughts on “Homophobia

  1. Great article! I wholeheartedly agree. I found this sentence to be powerful, “Frankly, it is no more reasonable to ask the homosexual individual to change their sexuality, than it would be for the homosexual to expect the same of the heterosexual. ” One of my arguments against people who state that sexual preference is a choice, is: “If you believe that that sexual preference is a choice, then you are gay or bisexual, since you can, just choose today, to change your preference. The rest of humanity does not have this option available.”

    So far no one that I have had this discussion with has been able to overcome this argument.

    Jason Montgomery

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