Bigots Babbling In A Bar

(NOTE: If you are offended by the content of this Poem; then please do not feel alone. I likewise am offended by the content of this Poem; and I wrote it myself. Dave)

A Commie around every corner,
A Terrorist upon every terrace.
The dark skinned and non-Christian,
You know man, they’re such a social menace.

The slaves that we imported,
They may cause an insurrection.
Preacherman says if you don’t pray,
You get tortured after the Resurrection.

Got to watch them Mexicans man,
They got this weird notion.
That this land is theirs,
It’s ours man, from ocean to ocean!

Got to watch them Indians man,
They got this weird notion.
That this land is theirs,
It’s ours man, from ocean to ocean!

It was us that did the work man,
It was we that developed Western Civilization.
It was Divine Providence man,
That made this here great nation!

It was we that brought the Blacks here,
To work and pick our Cotton.
Look away, look away man,
Old times there are not forgotten!

It was we that fought hard,
To kill them heathen Injuns!
It was we that Industrialized,
We made electricity and mechanical engines!

It was we that invaded foreign lands,
And overthrew foreign governments.
To make for ourselves a better life,
To live in high rises; instead of dusty old tents.

And it was we that brought Christ,
To those heathen dark skinned heathens.
Did I say heathens twice?
O well, at least now they can go to Heaven.

Yeah, we saved them dark skinned heathens,
Gave ‘em a land of opportunity.
Now them dark skinned heathens,
Can live like you and me!

And how do they thank us man?
I ask you if this ain’t ungrateful.
They owe us for their way of life,
They owe us for every plate full.

Now them dark skinned heathens,
And the Gays and the Liberals too.
They want to blame us for their hard times,
Yeah man, they blame me and you!

They whine, cry, and complain,
Bout poisoned water up in Flint.
And they moan and go on,
Bout killer Cops and dead bodies on the pavement.

We got to watch out man,
Trust in our President to protect us from all harm.
Cause they’re all out to get us man,
Stay alert and stay armed.

It ain’t gonna be easy man,
To make America great again.
But it’s the folk who think like you and me,
Who will protect our women and our kids.

A Commie around every corner,
A Terrorist upon every terrace.
The dark skinned and non-Christian,
You know man, they’re such a social menace.


Why Do Atheists Debate The Topic of God

Today, I was challenged on a discussion board as to why we Atheists debate the topic of God, since we don’t believe in such. My response:

I can understand your perspective. There is a side of me that would just go on with my life and not ever address the topic. For those who do so, I tip my hat to them. But there are many reasons why I personally pursue the topic (I speak just for myself):

1. The concept of God has historically been a propaganda tool. I grew up learning about “Westward Expansion” and “Manifest Destiny'”; instead of being taught about imperialism, torture, enslavement, and genocide. To me, accurate history is important, hence a realistic perspective as to our national sins of the past 500 years will be helpful to hopefully guide us to a more humane way of life in the fortunately

2. In that regard, unfortunately, the concept of God is a contemporary political tool; both in our country and elsewhere. And when I say a political tool, I mean a tool which results in and which justifies inflicting suffering. So long as monotheism continues, then god might as well be alive to represent the nationalist zealots who support torture and killing in order to “protect their way of life’. If that “way of life” is perceived to be “God blessed”, then the concept of God is detrimental to peace, harmony, and good health.

3. People kill in the name of God. So long as the concept of God is unchecked, unaddressed, and unopposed, then people will go on killing in the name of their gods.

4. The concept of God is the justification for many racisms and bigotries. So long as there is homophobia and misogyny in the name of God, then the concept of God continues to play a role in subjugating minorities and justifying the denial of basic human rights to all.

Concl: The issue from my perspective regarding my personal quest to reason and dialogue regarding “god”; is not that which is not real (God); the issue is that which is all too real: Revisionist history, justified ongoing human atrocities in the way of war, murder, torture, homophobia, sexism, and many other such bigotries; IN THE NAME OF GODS.

So long as such continues, I personally feel morally obligated to to do what I can to reason against ignorance, and to attempt to be the best person I know how in the process.

Bullies With Badges and Guns

Bullies with badges and guns,
Are no officers of peace.
Too many bullies with badges and guns,
Are patrolling our nation’s streets.

Bad cops have got to go.
This my realization.
Bullies with badges and guns,
Are no good for our sovereign nation.

They who are the problem,
Are by no means the solution.
Bad cops got to go,
This my resolution.

Bullies with badges and guns,
Are no officers of peace.
Too many bullies with badges and guns,
Are patrolling our nation’s streets.

Life In The Crib

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas;
Back in 1961.
Open the book,
Another male born Henderson.

Hands were there to help me,
Tended to my basic needs.
My diapers, they were changed.
And someone David Lee did feed.

My first social experience,
If only now I knew their names.
No way to ever know,
But I am thankful just the same.

‘Cause they helped me through it all,
My first day of life I mean.
I could never have made it without them,
It’s like a foggy dream.

Don’t think I gave a moment’s thought,
As to the sexual orientation.
Of the one who gave me my bottle,
When my gut with hunger was aching.

Don’t think I gave a moment’s thought,
As to the color of the skin.
Of the arms that held me close,
When I had started cryin’.

But as I think on my first day of life,
And as on these things I reflect.
I wish I had the chance to thank them all,
For good deeds and care I do hate to neglect.

Yeah, and I wish I were back in my crib,
Where the color of a person’s skin.
Meant no more to me,
Than that of their sexual orientation.

Yeah, and I wish I were back in my crib,
Where a person’s sexual orientation.
Meant no more to me,
Than that of the color of their skin.

‘Cause such did not matter to me,
On that Spring day back in 1961.
Yeah, I was too damn ignorant to discriminate,
On that Spring day back in 1961.

Yeah such did not matter to me,
On that Spring day back in 1961.
‘Cause I was too damn ignorant to know to hate,
On that Spring day back in 1961.

Dave Henderson
Denison, Texas

The Religious Restoration Fraud

The Right wing zealots of this generation of Christianity are no longer satisfied to merely practice their religion uninhibited in the home and in the churches, now they want to impose their religious views on others in the context of a business and at work.

The very concept of “restoring religious freedoms” is a misnomer and a misrepresentation of reality by hypersensitive zealots who pride themselves with self absorbed persecution complexes. That said, to my knowledge Christians of my generation (I am 54 years of age) have never experienced anything except religious freedom. I was raised in the church, and I raised my children likewise. Not even once, in over forty years of going to church do I recall our services ever being interrupted by a state representative who was “checking up on us”, nor do I ever recall the doors of the church building being closed by the state for any reason whatsoever. I lived the life of religious freedom, and so does every Christian of every divergent doctrine so associated.

Claims to the contrary are asserted by those who represent a new “chip on the shoulder”, persecution complex mentality of the 21st CE self righteous zealots
who quite frankly discredit the decent Christians who mind their own business and just want to worship their God peacefully and quietly. The latter are “the remnant” of the truly righteous Christians, in that they simply wish to do as Christians of my generation have always been free to do: Merely worship God without fear of persecution, and insofar as they possibly can, to just live peaceably with all humanity. For those who are satisfied to practice their Christian faith thusly, these have never been hindered from doing so in any shape, form, or fashion for as long as I personally have been aware.

These “Religious Restoration” laws are by no means designed to address the protection of the rights of good and decent Christians, for the rights of good and decent Christians have always been protected by this society. The legally and socially protected right to worship one’s god privately and without fear of hindrance from the state or any other individuals whatsoever is a right that by no means needs to be restored, for by no means has such been denied or discontinued.

These “Religious Restoration” laws are rather bigotry and racism restoration laws, which are designed to empower private business owners and citizens to circumvent the Civil Rights laws of the 1960’s by asserting their religious rights to authorize public bigotry and racism. The right to discriminate is by no means what religious freedom is about. On the other hand, the restriction of discrimination is precisely what Civil Rights laws are about.

So recognize these “Religious Restoration” laws for what they are and for what they are not:

Religious Restoration laws do not restore religious freedom, for religious freedom (especially for Christians) has by no means been denied or discontinued.

Religious Restoration laws are on the other hand, designed to enable and empower discrimination, which has nothing to do with the freedom of religion.

Such as they are, these are my thoughts on “Religious Restoration” laws.

Paranoia in a Double Standard

In the Summer of 2014,
Two Las Vegas cops were executed.
By two anti Government White Supremacists,
The story was soon thereafter muted.

In the Winter of 2014,
Two New York cops were killed by a disturbed black man.
The story went global.
There is still paranoia throughout the land.

I tell you the truth people.
It’s as plain as black and white.
There is a double standard among us,
I tell you folks: It just ain’t right.

Dave Henderson

America: Won’t You Please Come To Your Senses

They bound and gagged Bobby Seale;
Just to shut his mouth.
‘Cause they did not like the truth,
That the man was putting out.

Nixon shredded the papers,
And erased 18 minutes off the tape.
So that accountability for his ways;
He could then escape.

Our troops shot four unarmed students dead,
At the Kent State Massacre in 1970.
A tragic day for America,
Or so it seems to me.

Illegal US wars in Latin America,
While Reagan simply smiled and waved.
Propaganda his main device,
His image was successfully saved.

O for shame, for shame.
America finally learned to blush.
When President Clinton,
Got a BJ in the White House.

And then the Great Snipe Hunt,
Of the 21st Century!
Off to war Bush sent us,
In search of WMD’s!!

Our troops do torture,
Our drones indiscriminately kill.
But “Onward American Soldiers”
Perpetual War is Conservative America’s will!

Cops get away with murder,
The Grand Jury has the final say.
Troops get away with torture,
Presidents simply get away.

But listen up War Hawks,
Listen up apologists for torture by our side.
Listen up those who gag informative mouths,
And force truth revealers to go overseas and hide.

You can sing “God Bless America”,
At the Ballpark in the 7th Inning.
But you cannot change the facts,
That America has done a lot of sinning.

So pledge allegiance to your flag,
And sing God’s praises on our land still.
But why not a “Come to Jesus” meeting,
And come clean about our social ills.

Once and for all,
Bring America off our high horse.
And admit we are a nation like all others,
With merits and demerits of course.

Admit when we are wrong,
Hold the guilty to account.
Let’s clean up our act,
And actually be what we claim to be about.

Recall our troops,
Regulate our cops.
Time to clean house,
Grab a bucket and a mop.

Let’s embrace open democracy,
Welcome dissent as social input.
Restore the Free Press,
Time to get off on the right foot.

Won’t you please come to your senses,
Let care and compassion prevail?
May hatred, weaponry, and bigotry,
All be sent to hell.

We can change what we want,
But we have to want the changes we need.
Let’s change the shape we are in,
For America is in a shameful state indeed.

Dave Henderson

On Horns and Hawgs

(This post may be premature, since the University of Texas has yet to confirm reports that Louisville Head Coach Charlie Strong has in fact been hired to replace Mack Brown as the next Head Coach of the UT football program.

But frankly my excitement as to this matter breeds haste.  And so I am posting this commentary relative to the local news of the day):

I never would have thought that this day would come.

Not in this social climate.

Not in Texas.

I am just just gonna dive right in and say what’s on my mind:

I am shocked!

I cannot believe that THE University of Texas had the intestinal fortitude to actually hire an African American Head Coach to oversee and operate their football program.


Not that Charlie Strong is not qualified for the job.  My goodness gracious no.  Of course he is qualified.  The man’s record speaks for itself.

Having coached on the staffs of major programs such as Florida, Ole Miss, and Notre Dame.  Having been a highly  successful Defensive Coordinator at South Carolina and Florida. Having completely turned around the Louisville Cardinal football program in his 4 years as their Head Coach.  Having posted a 3-1 Bowl Game record during those same 4 years.  Actually, Charlie Strong is more than qualified to be the Head Football Coach of any program in the nation (Frankly, as a lifelong Hawg fan, I wish he was headed to Fayetteville to rescue the floundering football program of his home state’s University of Arkansas).



Charlie Strong’s qualifications have absolutely nothing to do with my surprise as to his being hired to serve as the Head Coach of the UT football program.

But people this is Texas.

And we are not talking about just any other school in the state of Texas (no offense intended to any other Texas schools).

This is THE University of Texas.

This is THE Burnt Orange.

This is an African American gentleman who I hope is what his name indicates.

Because STRONG is what he is going to have to be in order to coach football on this level, at that program, in this state.

Because regardless of laws to the contrary this is a  social climate which is still embedded with roots of bigotry and racism,.

Because although my beloved home state of Texas has made some progress towards becoming a mature society, we still have a long way to go.

Perhaps this hiring is a step in the right direction for much more than just  a major college football program.

Perhaps this hiring is a step in the right direction for societal maturity.

I certainly hope so.

Regardless, so long as Charlie Strong is the Head Football Coach at the University of Texas, then I shall be saying:  HOOK ‘EM HORNS!!

EXCEPT in so far as such concerns my University of Arkansas Razorbacks.

Because when it comes to football; I will always WOOOOO PIG SOOOEY regardless of how highly I respect the opposition.

Sorry Charlie. (But good luck otherwise!!)

My Southern Plea

I love my beloved Southland,

I am a Texan named Davey Lee.

My parents are each from Arkansas,

My grandfathers each from Tennessee.

I love my family,

My homeland, and my friends.

I am, and ever will be,

A southern boy to the end.

Inasmuch as I love the South,

Our history saddens me.

We have a heritage of hate,

Of racism, and bigotry.

Now I do believe it’s better,

These days than it used to be.

Be we’ve a long way to go,

There is no time for complacency.

‘Give it time’ some say,

‘Progess takes time you know’,

But that is merely an excuse,

I’ll be the first to say so.

Because I agree with a great southern man,

Whose name was Martin Luther King.

Now is always the right time,

When it comes to doing the right thing.

So whether it’s interracial relations,

Or same gender marriage equality.

It’s time we all grow up,

At least it seems that way to me.

So with my natural southern drawl,

I speak out and I implore.

Let racism and bigotry be gone forever,

And may hatred be no more.