On Horns and Hawgs

(This post may be premature, since the University of Texas has yet to confirm reports that Louisville Head Coach Charlie Strong has in fact been hired to replace Mack Brown as the next Head Coach of the UT football program.

But frankly my excitement as to this matter breeds haste.  And so I am posting this commentary relative to the local news of the day):

I never would have thought that this day would come.

Not in this social climate.

Not in Texas.

I am just just gonna dive right in and say what’s on my mind:

I am shocked!

I cannot believe that THE University of Texas had the intestinal fortitude to actually hire an African American Head Coach to oversee and operate their football program.


Not that Charlie Strong is not qualified for the job.  My goodness gracious no.  Of course he is qualified.  The man’s record speaks for itself.

Having coached on the staffs of major programs such as Florida, Ole Miss, and Notre Dame.  Having been a highly  successful Defensive Coordinator at South Carolina and Florida. Having completely turned around the Louisville Cardinal football program in his 4 years as their Head Coach.  Having posted a 3-1 Bowl Game record during those same 4 years.  Actually, Charlie Strong is more than qualified to be the Head Football Coach of any program in the nation (Frankly, as a lifelong Hawg fan, I wish he was headed to Fayetteville to rescue the floundering football program of his home state’s University of Arkansas).



Charlie Strong’s qualifications have absolutely nothing to do with my surprise as to his being hired to serve as the Head Coach of the UT football program.

But people this is Texas.

And we are not talking about just any other school in the state of Texas (no offense intended to any other Texas schools).

This is THE University of Texas.

This is THE Burnt Orange.

This is an African American gentleman who I hope is what his name indicates.

Because STRONG is what he is going to have to be in order to coach football on this level, at that program, in this state.

Because regardless of laws to the contrary this is a  social climate which is still embedded with roots of bigotry and racism,.

Because although my beloved home state of Texas has made some progress towards becoming a mature society, we still have a long way to go.

Perhaps this hiring is a step in the right direction for much more than just  a major college football program.

Perhaps this hiring is a step in the right direction for societal maturity.

I certainly hope so.

Regardless, so long as Charlie Strong is the Head Football Coach at the University of Texas, then I shall be saying:  HOOK ‘EM HORNS!!

EXCEPT in so far as such concerns my University of Arkansas Razorbacks.

Because when it comes to football; I will always WOOOOO PIG SOOOEY regardless of how highly I respect the opposition.

Sorry Charlie. (But good luck otherwise!!)