The Price of Patriotism

When people are killed,

There’s no cause to celebrate.

When we support war,

Our sense of compassion is at stake.


My Southern Plea

I love my beloved Southland,

I am a Texan named Davey Lee.

My parents are each from Arkansas,

My grandfathers each from Tennessee.

I love my family,

My homeland, and my friends.

I am, and ever will be,

A southern boy to the end.

Inasmuch as I love the South,

Our history saddens me.

We have a heritage of hate,

Of racism, and bigotry.

Now I do believe it’s better,

These days than it used to be.

Be we’ve a long way to go,

There is no time for complacency.

‘Give it time’ some say,

‘Progess takes time you know’,

But that is merely an excuse,

I’ll be the first to say so.

Because I agree with a great southern man,

Whose name was Martin Luther King.

Now is always the right time,

When it comes to doing the right thing.

So whether it’s interracial relations,

Or same gender marriage equality.

It’s time we all grow up,

At least it seems that way to me.

So with my natural southern drawl,

I speak out and I implore.

Let racism and bigotry be gone forever,

And may hatred be no more.

On Humanness and Rightness (The Book of Changes)

“The way of nature is to change and transform, so that everything will obtain its correct nature and destiny; and the great harmony of natural forces will be self proficient”

(The Book of Changes; Ancient Chinese Classic)

In my initial commentary regarding this quote, I noted that most every aspect of the universe functions so naturally in accord with its respective principle, that the correct nature of almost everything is achieved so naturally as to be predictable.

In my most recent post, I noted that the correct nature of humanity with regards to social relations is an exception to the general principle noted above, in that humanity is free to choose whether or not to so function as to achieve our correct nature.

I further noted that in light of the perpetual state of hostility known to global relations, that it seems to me that humanity is not evolving in such a way as to achieve our correct nature, as the correct nature of most every aspect of the universe leads to a general harmony.

As the correct nature of most every aspect of the universe leads to general harmony, then when humanity transforms so as to achieve our correct nature, then a general global harmony (aka “world peace”) will be experienced.

Humanness and rightness are the correct nature which potentially can and should lead humanity to achieve our correct nature.  Humanness is a feeling; rightness is the necessary function in accord with the feeling of humanness.

Humanness is the natural feel of connection with every other aspect of the universe.  Unless and until the individual realizes a harmony based upon a relationship with every other aspect of the universe, then humanness will be but a concept rather than an experience.  Unless and until the individual accepts the reality that we of humanity are a part of the universe, instead of being apart from the universe, then the feel of connection with all that is will be hindered by our own ignorance.  On the other hand, when the individual realizes humanness (jen in Chinese), then rightness is but a natural function based upon the feeling so realized.

Rightness (yi in Chinese) is a sense of obligation which results from the natural feeling of humanness (jen); based upon the reality of the innerconnected nature of all things.  This obligation is a self imposed voluntary call of duty to respond in a proper way to anyone and everyone, based upon the principle of reciprocity.

The principle of reciprocity is natural when one feels humanness, yet will only be natural under that specific circumstance.  Though similarly stated as the Western “Golden Rule”, the principle of reciprocity, which was taught several hundred years before the time of Jesus of biblical fame in both “THE GREAT LEARNING” and “THE DOCTRINE OF THE MEAN” (Chinese Classics); is a deeper concept than the Christian rule of social conduct.  The reason being that the Golden Rule is a code set by an external standard, whereas the principle of reciprocity is but a natural function based upon the actual inner connected relationship of every aspect of the universe.

When the individual realizes humanness, then there is a respect for every aspect of the universe which knows no bounds, for there are no bounds.  The universe is one living organism, and when the individual realizes this truth, then there is a natural feeling of connection to all things which renders the principle of reciprocity as merely experiencing life.

When the individual experiences true humanness, then the individual extends the principle of reciprocity to everything and everyone else.

And so the correct nature of the individual has been achieved; not by an experience outside of the self, but rather by merely experiencing the self within the reality that the self is the universe, and the universe is the self.

And thus the correct destiny of the individual is realized on a daily basis.

The great harmony.

Davey Lee

On Harmony and Humanity

I saw harmony down in Denton town one day about two weeks ago;

I was waitin’ for my daughter to get off work, so I around the town square I did stroll.

The park benches around the Court House there, are invitin’ to the general public;

As I meandered around the square that day, more than once on those I did sit.

Upon the benches facing East were two men of different breeds;

The one with long hair smoked a pipe; the one with a Cowboy hat wore Western style jeans.

Yet as I observed from a distance, as upon those benches they sat;

I noticed their friendly demeanor, as they enjoyed the breeze and did chat.

Now on the side that faced the North, three young men there were gathered;

They smoked cigars and discussed their brands, my presence nearby seemed not to matter.

Two young mothers and their toddlers were in the shade on the side facing West;

Pictures the proud mothers were taking; but the kids seemed to like rolling in the grass the best.

On the lawn facing South a half dozen young adults sat singin’;

The young man with the yellow doo rag played guitar; so pleasant harmonious tones were ringin’.

When folks gather in number, of different cultures, genders, and races;

With good will in their hearts, and sincere smiles upon their faces.

Then there one finds humanity in harmony;

For there is truly harmony in humanity…

When folks gather in number, of different cultures, genders, and races;

With good will in their hearts, and sincere smiles upon their faces.

For such I saw in Denton town about two weeks ago;

For I saw harmony in Denton town that day; and I loved it… dont ya know!!!