Cosmic Communion

I maintain that the very existence of all that is demonstrates and reveals the wonderful works of a cosmic communion.  And the wondrous ongoing natural existence and functions of our universe demonstrates and reveals the naturalness of cooperation and harmony, all the while revealing competition and combativeness as unnatural to the basic way of all that is.  I furthermore maintain that we of the human race are unique in that we decide our fate by deeds of choice; whereas most of the workings of our cosmic surroundings; both here on earth, and “out there”, function by natural principles which are not open to alteration or moderation. 

In the light of these thoughts, please consider the following:

1.  All that is evident is the universe.

2.  Thus, all concrete bodies, living beings, physical materials, energetic forces, and spacious expanses are the constituent elements of the universe.

3.  All the consituent elements of the universe each have a respective basic nature.

4.  All bodies, elements, forces, and expanses function in accord with their basic nature.

5.  MOST beings function in accord with their basic nature.

6.  Humans are INCLINED to function in accord with their basic nature.

7.  Humans are INFLUENCED by their feelings.

8.  Our natural INCLINATIONS are spontaneous feelings which are in accord with our basic nature.

9.  Yet, humans are also influenced by feelings which are not in accord with our basic nature.

10. Thus, we humans do not always function in accord with our basic nature.

The cosmic communion of all the constituent elements of the universe is an ongoing process of activity based upon the basic nature of each and every thing that is.  The ongoing existence of all the elements of the universe is possible only because of the natural cooperative function of all that is.  And such is the case solely due to the fact that all bodies, elements, forces, spaces, and MOST living beings function in accord with their basic nature.

The fact is that we humans are the only element of all the constituent elements of the universe who are allowed the freedom to function contrary to our basic nature. Hence, we can mess up a good thing, and all too often we do!  Thus, while even the non intelligent elements of all that is operate via a natural harmony and state of basically constant equilibrium, we; the most intelligent of all beings create societal settings of chaos, competition, and combativeness which contradict our basic nature of genuine goodness.

And be not deceived by the evils of imperialism and capitalism; for ours is a genuinely good nature.  We merely need to adhere to our spontaneous inclinations of kindness, courtesy, concern,  and compassion rather than compromise such in an effort to “get ahead”.  We don’t need to get ahead.  We need to stay in line with the cosmic communion which encompasses us all on a daily basis.


The Natural Race

There is but one natural race; that is, the human race. To categorize humankind and to sink to the shallowness of collective identity is to deny nature and manipulate human relations.  Differences in physical manifestation are what they are:  Differences in physical manifestation.  I have dark hair (well, I HAD dark hair before the forces of nature turned some gray while turning othe…rs loose!!), yet I am no different than those whose hair is blond.  My eyes are hazel; the eyes of others are blue or solid greeen; what of it?

Our shallow concepts of racism, nationalism, and culturalism have weakened the fibre of humanity and succeeded only in fraying the fabric into an unfortunate mess.  When our thinking digresses to “our side against their side” and “those people” and “our kind” as opposed to “their kind”, then we have taken it upon ourselves to rise above nature and write the rules of for ourselves.  It is easy to plunder others for profit, or to wage war against others when we view humanity along such shallow lines of reasoning.

There is but one natural race; that is, the human race.